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Neck pain usually occurs due to activities that necessitate a constant or prolonged movement of the neck’s ligaments, joints, bones, muscles, or tendons. They can give rise to neck joint inflammation, a strain, neck muscle spasms, or a sprain. Stress or strain from extreme concentration frequently leads to hurting, taut muscles of the head, shoulders, and neck.

Neck pain can also be caused by doing overhead workouts or work involving the use of the upper body and arms like lifting weights or holding the head in a difficult, awkward, or frontward position for a long period of time, whilst performing activities like using the laptop, reading, clasping the telephone receiver, or playing video games. Catnapping in an upright position, falling asleep with the neck positioned awkwardly, an extremely flat or very high pillow, or using an upright fist or the arm as a head support frequently lead to neck pain. In a majority of cases, doctors are unable to determine any precise reason for the pain in a person’s neck.

A strong and firm neck makes allowances for strains, stresses, and movement of the head and body. The cervical spine that goes through the neck is made up of discs, which separate the interlinked vertebrae, muscles and ligaments that support the neck spine. When the neck area suffers damage or shock, or it becomes unstable, this can result in an aching neck or agonizing neck injury.

Most causes of a pain in the neck are due to small injuries like stumbling, losing balance after a short walk, twisting, or extreme cervical spine movement leading to moderate neck pains. Whiplash, direct knocks to the face, neck, or head, an injury that goes through the neck, throttling or other outside force applied on the neck, plunging from a considerable height, or injuries sustained while playing sports are frequent causes of neck ache and injury.

Besides, neck pain is also caused due to health conditions, such as age related complications. Disc disorders happen on account of the disk padding between the neck vertebrae turning dry, frequently because of aging, and this leads to the narrowing of space close to the nerves. Now, herniated neck disks arise when the gelatinous material inside a disk projects through the hard disk casing and can aggravate nerves close by or give rise to a pinched nerve.

Still further causes of a pain in the neck arise when tissues or bony growths press the nerves of the neck. The joints of the neck can be damaged due to rheumatoid arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease, generally affecting the upper neck portion. Meningitis is an extremely acute ailment that results in the swelling of the brain and spinal cord tissues. Neck pain can also arise due to influenza. Normally, it produces severe body and neck ache. However, it does not lead to a painful stiff neck. In addition, there are several further causes of neck ache like tumors, infections, or the side effects caused due to taking of prescribed drugs.

This pain may bother an individual daily, with the analogy being the same as if you have a pebble in your shoe that bothers you every day. Surgery for neck arthritis is usually a terrible idea, and here are 5 ways to avoid it.

1. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment- the patient has arthritis in the neck, the joints there have cartilage just like any other joint. So the theory with physical therapy is that strengthening and stretching the muscles around the neck can help unload those arthritic joints. It is been shown in research studies to work really well and so has chiropractic treatment. Arthritis can cause misalignment in the joints of the neck, and chiropractic treatment can help put those back into proper position.

2. Medications- anti-inflammatory medications along with Tylenol can be extremely helpful at alleviating neck pain. Make sure to take them according to the manufacturers recommended dosing or otherwise a person will risk injury to their liver, kidney, or get an ulcer. These medications can allow patients to concentrate better, work more, play with their kids, and avoid depression that comes with the chronic neck pain of arthritis.

3. Cervical traction- cervical traction for arthritis has an excellent track record. Unlike lumbar traction, traction in the neck has been shown to have great benefits and it can be done a couple of times a day. There is an apparatus that provides traction for the neck with a rope and pulley system going over a door, and there’s also one where the patient can wear a neck brace that pumps up and separates the area of arthritis. These give temporary relief as gravity will bring the joints back down but they may provide pain relief in the meantime (that’s why it should be repeated daily). There is also an intermittent traction technique called spinal decompression therapy which has also been shown in the neck to help a lot.

4. Facet injections and medial branch blocks- these interventional pain management treatments are shown to work really well for neck arthritis. One involves placing steroid medication directly into the arthritic joint. This can be repeated every few months if they’re working well. Medial branch blocks are injections that do not go inside the joint but go around it in the area of the tiny little nerve endings that cause joint pain. These also can provide pain relief for months and can then be repeated.

5. Radiofrequency ablation- also called radiofrequency neurotomy, this procedure represents a revolutionary technology in pain management and one of the best procedures that exist for neck arthritis. This involves burning the tiny little nerve endings that supply pain to these joints may provide pain relief for upwards of 2 years in affected individuals. It’s really impressive what this procedure can do for patients who have had no other relief or only temporary relief but the other treatments mentioned.


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